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Meet the Humans behind the Zoo Crew

Ariel Woodruff

Animal Care Giver

Kay Rutland

Dog Trainer, KPA CTP, CPPS, APDT Member

Erica Baker

Animal Care Giver

About Us

Life is Better with Animals

Our mission is to better the lives of pets and their people. We are a group of professional animal caregivers and trainers whose experience is drawn from working with both domestic and exotic animals in the zoological field. 


 We strive to put our knowledge and experience to good use by caring for your pets. We will work hard to ensure that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation (or work day), and your pet will also get to enjoy his or her stay-cation (or daily walk).


 We also like to help people understand the importance of training. Training not only makes life with pets easier, it also increases the bond between owner and pet. We love to watch that bond grow as well as tackling tough training challenges.


 Kay Cochran is a Certified Training Partner from the world renowned Karen Pryor Academy. She also has a background in training wild animals in a zoo setting, from aardvarks to parrots. Kay's techniques are not only positive, but fun for both owner and animal! And that's right, Kay works with more than just the family dog, but the cat, horse, and pig too!


 The Zoo Crew is licensed, bonded, and insured. We are members of Pet Sitters International, are Certified Professional Pet Sitters (CPPS), Karen Pryor Academy Member and graduate (KPA- CTP). Why the Zoo Crew? Because we are professionals with the credentials to back it up.

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