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During our walks with your dog we will strive to give them the best possible outing, enrich their day, and even help train for polite leash walking. While we wont teach your dog to do a perfect heal worthy of obedience competition (though we'd be happy to help you do that during a training session) we will gladly help teach them how to walk politely without harsh pulling so that walks are enjoyable for everyone. The great perk about this is that adding a little training to your dogs outing is even more enriching for your dog! 

Every walk we do is for your dog. It is your dogs time to enjoy, and we will guide and supervise them while they have fun!

the 15 minute check in ($18)

Does your dog  just need a quick potty walk? Or do you have a dog with special needs who needs medication given during the day? Or puppy who needs more than two walks per day for potty and socializing reasons? The 15 minute walk may be just right for you! Give us a call or shoot us an email today to book!

the 30 minute walk about ($25)

This walk is the perfect length for most dogs. A brisk 30 minute walk is just right for most moderately energetic dogs to get those wiggles out, allow time to potty, and get some lovin' from us! This is our most popular walk and we guarantee your dog will be happy!

the 45 minute walk about ($32)

Do you have a high energy dog that needs just a little bit more time to get that excitement out? Maybe your dog struggles with leash manners and needs a little more time to work on that while also getting the brains and bodies moving? This walk is for you!

the 60 minute walk about ($40)

Our 60 minute walk is perfect for dogs who benefit the most from a long walk at a nearby park like Pt. Defiance. This walk includes travel to and from the park of your choosing, and allows your dog to do what they do best, sniff and explore naturally in natural settings! This is probably the best kind of exercise for your dogs body and mind.

Dog Walking Packages

12 Walk Package

Schedule 12 thirty minute walks for  $312, or  $24.50 per walk (regularly $25)

16 Walk Package

Schedule 16 thirty minute walks for $376, or $24 per walk (regularly $25)

20 Walk Package

Schedule 20 thirty minute walks for  $460, or $23.50 per walk (regularly $25)

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