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Pet Sitting

Overnight Pet Sitting ($95/day):

At this time our availability for overnight pet sitting is limited. We are only able to offer this service to clients who are actively enrolled in either our daily dog walking program or dog training services. If you would like to be put on a wait list to become a pet sitting client, please email us at zoocrewsitting@gmail.com. 

Let us take care of your pets while you are away. We all know that our pets can get stressed out while their people are away. What better way to reduce their stress then by allowing them to stay where they are most comfortable, rather than in a kennel or at an unfamiliar house? We are professional animal caregivers, and would love to help keep your pets happy by giving them a wonderful stay-cation, while you are on vacation. Every day you are away we will not only care for your pet by feeding, walking, and playing with him or her, but we will also care for your house as well. We can collect the mail, rotate lights and blinds, mow the lawn, water the plants and most any other everyday chore you would like done while you are gone.


Each day we can guarantee that your pet will be supervised for at least 12 hours out of the day. If your dog cannot be alone for a normal workday (8 hours), then an additional visit fee may apply per day. While we wish we could care for every pet in Washington, we currently are only able to offer overnight pet sitting services to clients currently enrolled in either our daily dog walking or training programs, and who live within Tacoma, University Place, or Fircrest. 

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